Not all of us are.
Isabelle Lewis
I miss TMI, forever and always


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♡Still waiting for Isaac,
Jackson & Allison to come back♡

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 ”I’m a tough girl— I’ll be okay.”

 ”I’m a tough girl— I’ll be okay.”

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the moon’s already out.

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"Lead Dylan O’Brien is also back and will now find himself in a potential romantic triangle.” (x)


make me choose ♡ littledovess asked

the hunger games or catching fire?

Are we still talking about Twilight?

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There was something about Jace, though, that made her want to push him, crack that shell of cynicism and make him admit he believed in something, felt something, cared about anything at all.

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yes but consider this for your otp:

  • being reunited after surviving the zombie apocalypse unknowing if the other was alive or dead AU
  • rescuing their partner from a recon mission gone wrong AU
  • drama school rivals being cast as romantic opposites because they have “crazy sexual tension” according to their director AU
  • "are we both robbing the same house oh fuck" AU
  • growing up together in a rough neighbourhood AU
  • mutual friends always dragged to the same inane barbecues AU